The second edition of Ride the Backtrails comprised a small group of riders new to off road terrain. The aim was to ensure that they left Shimla far more confident leaving the tarmac than when they arrived.

Date: October 15-18, 2020


The riders were introduced to a Level 2 hill climb early on day 1. It was definitely an eye opener with regard to the perils of venturing off road. The trails emerged on an expansive flat ground where the participants were put through their paces with basic off road riding drills. The rest of the day included more dirt trails as well as twisty patches on broken and smooth tarmac

The riders set out early on day 2, with a long tarmac run just short of Narkanda. Here, they branched off to explore side routes through small hamlets, and some technical dirt trails as well, before emerging under Hatu Peak. A short broken tarmac ascent followed, to the top of Hatu. After taking in the views, the riders rode through trails surrounded by deep forests to a lush green meadow for a well-earned lunch. A tarmac run back to Shimla followed to end the day.

The final day of the ride comprised a number of tight and technical trails, testing the skills acquired by the riders over the first two days of riding. The final climb was into a scenic meadow where the group broke for lunch. It was truly heartwarming for us to witness the improvement that was found in the riding of all the participants over the course of the ride.
It was a pleasure to show riders adept on the tarmac that life off-road is very viable if one learns the correct technique and puts in enough hours in mastering the craft.

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