Xplorearth capped off 2020 with the third edition of Ride the Backtrails over the festive period. Riders from as far as Orissa and Andhra Pradesh were in attendance for the event.

Date: December 23-27, 2020


Day 0
Participants arrived at the hotel. Post completion of registration formalities, a classroom session was help discussing off-road riding techniques as well as the importance of the right kind of gear for different conditions.

The riders made their way through thickly forested trails to an expansive opening, where a training course had been set up to teach them the basics of off-road riding. They were then taken through a number of technical trails where they could put the skills learnt to practical use, returning to base by the early evening.

Day 2 was a relatively longer one for the riders, staring from their hotel in Fagu and making their way through Narkanda to Sainj and beyond. The trails took them just short of Jalori Pass, from where they began their return. The day’strails were extremely tricky, particularly with spots of ice just waiting to catch one out. The total distance traversed was close to 250km.

The final day of the ride comprised a number of tight and technical trails, testing the skills acquired by the riders over the first two days of riding, culminating in a scenic meadow where the group broke for lunch and the distribution of certification. It was evident with the performance of the participants on the final day that they were far more confident riders than the ones
who rode in to Fagu for the event. 
There is definitely no other way we’d rather end the year – particularly one marred with misfortune like 2020 was –
than by ripping up trails atop our trusted steeds!

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