September marked Xplorearth’s first ride since the outbreak of COVID-19. The entire ride was planned keeping COVID SOPs in mind and we were proud to see a large number of riders take the effort of getting tested and making the trip to Himachal from all corners of the country!

Date: September 9-13, 2020


150km of twisty roads and trails greeted the riders on the first day of the event. Broken tarmac soon made way for loose dirt and rocky terrain, and the difficulty was exacerbated by the monsoon having left sections of slush and muck along the way – a taste of what was to come on day 2.

Day 2 was set to be the longest of the three riding days, with a total distance of roughly 300km to be ridden through a mixture of tarmac, broken tarmac and dirt. After a scenic tarmac run, the climb into wolf country, up an ancient trail to Shikari Devi, took up the next two hours. Loose rocks and slush proved to be challenging adversaries for the riders while ascending. The riders then had to begin the grueling return to Shimla, a journey that finally concluded under the cover of darkness. The ride definitely tested man and machine to the maximum, as is the Xplorearth way.

The final day of the ride comprised a number of tight and technical trails, testing the skills acquired by the riders over the first two days of riding. The final climb was into a scenic meadow where the group broke for lunch. It was evident with the performance of the participants on the final day that much had been learnt over the course of the event, through necessity
and determination alike. 
All in all, the event was a massive step towards returning to normalcy for all the biking enthusiasts involved!

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